Summer Building Season

The summer home building season is here!

You’ve been waiting all winter to start building your new Lockridge Home, in fact you can already picture yourself sitting on the front porch gazing out over your acres of land.  You’re ready to get started, you know which floor plan is perfect for you and your family, now what are the next steps to making it happen?

Land Survey  If your land hasn’t already been professionally surveyed, this is a very important step.  The survey will show you and your Lockridge builder the details of your property including setbacks, easements, wetlands, floodplains, boundaries, size and more important information about your land.  Let’s say you choose a home design that’s 72 feet wide, but your survey shows, that because of required easements, there’s only 70 feet of building space. You’ll need to look at another floor plan or maybe you and the builder can discuss another position of the house on your property.

Soil Test  It’s not glamorous, but it’s important!  Does your land have access to public water and sewer?  If not, you’ll need to get your soil tested for a private septic system and well.  Normally, the local County Department of Environmental Health issues the permit for a septic system and provides a list of approved soil testers, ( also known as a perc test).  It’s better to have this done before you fall in love with a floor plan because the results of your soil test determine the size and type of septic system you can install on your land.  This also determines how many bedrooms you can have in your home.  It’s better to know that your land “percs” for a 3 bedroom home before you get your heart set on a 4 bedroom design.

Budget  Having a homebuilding budget established early makes the homebuilding process a lot easier, and it sets your expectations before you launch into a floor plan search!  Knowing your price range allows you to look at all the home designs that fit your style and budget perfectly.

Lockridge makes it easy for you take these steps toward building your new home.  We give you the tools, links and information you need in your personal Lockridge Account!

Lockridge is an on-your-own-land new home builder in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. (see all our Model Home Centers).  We offer a full service website that allows you to choose floor plans, get complete price quotes, get prequalified for a mortgage, and more. For more information visit our website or email us.


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