Going Green Makes Cents

meadowGoing green doesn’t mean lots of green spending.  There are simple and effective ways to be environmentally smart without spending a fortune and you’ll see a big return on your investment!

New homes are by nature more energy-efficient than older homes but to boost your green-ness, start with the little things.  We recommend starting with your light bulbs.

Swap incandescent light bulbs for Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL)  This can be a 10 minute task depending on how many family members you can recruit to help out!  CFL bulbs are an easy way to conserve energy and save money over the long-term.  While CFL bulbs initially cost more than regular incandescent bulbs, they only use 25% of the energy a regular incandescent bulb uses to deliver the same amount of light.  That’s an energy-saving of 75%!  Plus, CPF bulbs can last 10 times longer and emit less heat.  When you see lower electric bills, be inspired to make other energy-efficient changes!

Low-Flow Shower Heads  have really evolved over the last 5 years.  The older versions cut down on water flow but also reduced water pressure, which meant rinsing shampoo took a lot longer than normal.  Now, you can save water while showering with plenty of water pressure!  Low-flow shower heads can cut down water used for bathing by 50 – 70%!  You’ll save on your water bill and conserve natural resources.  These new version shower heads are easy to install, available at local home improvement stores and start under $20.  Look for WaterSense Certified products.

Programmable Thermostat can return more to your home than you might realize.  If you don’t already have one, installation is relatively easy, economical and immediately beneficial.  These thermostats can be set and adjusted to your schedule, cutting out wasted energy and lowering your utility bill.  They help homeowners save lots of money every year and can help lessen the amount of greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere by cutting down on HVAC usage.

Properly Sealed Homes (like a new Lockridge home) can save you a fortune.  Older homes develop gaps and cracks over time near windows or doors that need to be sealed to keep warm or cooled air inside.  Sealing these spaces from both the interior and exterior with caulk or foam filler can quickly make a difference in your heating or cooling bill.

These are some small and relatively easy things you can do to save money and the environment, and a new Lockridge home is more energy-efficient by design.

Want to know more, or have questions about building a new Lockridge home?  You can Ask Helen our online liaison, contact your local Model Home or like us on Facebook

Lockridge is an on-your-own-land new home builder in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. (see all our Model Home Centers). We offer a full service website that allows you to choose floor plans, get complete price quotes, get prequalified for a mortgage, and more. For more information visit our website or email us.



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