Your Own Farm To Table Experience


The farm-to-table movement is growing, and you don’t have to drive to a farmers market to get fresh, organic produce!  Gardening is easier than you think and there are plenty of ways to get started with a small-scale garden.  If you don’t have time or space for a big garden, you can grow organic produce in containers, raised beds or in your windows!

Raised Beds

Unlike tilling up soil in a large patch of land, raised beds rely on soil that you bring in, which increases plant health and decreases tasks like weeding.  Creating a raised bed that is 4 by 4 feet is a good choice because you won’t have to step into it, to reach every plant.  Choose the place where the bed will go and fill it a third full with soil, add a layer of compost and organic fertilizer, and then fill the bed up to the lip with more soil.  Start planting!


Choose pots for your container garden based on plant requirements.  For example, blueberries do well in large pots.  If you grow root vegetables or leafy greens, the combinations that can grow together in containers are basically endless.  Plant one pot that contains several different herbs, and another pot with an assortment of greens.  If you want to try dwarf fruit trees, they require lots of sunlight and water.  Their pots will need to be larger, but you can easily create a decorative assortment of pots without digging up your yard!

Windowsill Garden

Herbs grow well indoors.  Herbs like chives, parsley and mint are good examples that will grow in pots on or near a window.  They just need sunlight and a well-drained soil mix.  Avoid over watering because herbs don’t like soggy soil!

No matter what your vision is for your home garden, you’ve got lots of options.  Have a wonderful summer full of fresh, healthy, home-grown meals!

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