Have A Safe Sparkly Halloween

Glitter Pumpkins

Get creative when you decorate your house this Halloween!  You don’t need master carving skills to create beautifully spooky (or just beautiful) pumpkins this year.  With these tips, you also won’t need to worry about lighting candles inside your decorations.

Plain school glue and some black glitter are all you need to give pumpkins a new and chic Halloween look.  Pick an easy pattern, try a monogram or create the spookiest spider web.

First clean and dry your pumpkin.  Choose a Halloween-themed design or graphic and scale it to fit on your pumpkin.  Print the design on standard printer paper.  Cut excess paper around the image to make it more manageable and tape it to your pumpkin where you want the design to go.  Gently trace the outline of the design with a sharp pencil or pen to make an outline on the skin of your pumpkin.  Check under the paper that’s taped to your pumpkin to make sure the outline tracing is successful.

Simple graphics like the silhouette of a cat, spider or monogram initial is best for this project.

Remove the paper and look at the outline – if you’re satisfied – apply glue inside the outline of your graphic.  Example  –  if you traced the outline of a spider – put glue inside the traced lines to fill in the spider.

Use a spoon to sprinkle black (or other colored) glitter over the wet glue.  Tip the pumpkin to get excess glitter off.  Reapply the glitter until the entire glued area is coated.

Wait until it’s dry – and you’ve got a sparkly and safe Halloween decoration!

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