Have A Safe Holiday Season

Happy-Holidays-blog-picThe Holiday Season is here and we know how much fun decorating can be this time of year.  Be as creative and inspired as possible, but also be safe.  The American Red Cross suggests the following tips on how to keep you, your family and your home, safe during the Holidays.

Keep children, pets and decorations away from lit candles.  Folks bump into things, stuff tips over and decorations are often made of flammable material!  Keep lit candles where accidents are less likely to happen – or try LED candles this year!

While you’re cooking, check food regularly.  Make sure your Holiday feast doesn’t become a kitchen fire by keeping an eye on the food you’re preparing and don’t leave home with things on the stove, in the oven or on the grill. The kitchen is where everyone likes to hang out during the holidays – turn cooking into a festive event.

Christmas Trees  Choose a flame-retardant artificial tree, or if you have a live Christmas tree, make sure you water it every day.  Also remember to keep your Christmas tree at least 3 feet from any heat source (like your fireplace) and make sure it isn’t blocking an exit-way from your home.

Smoke Detectors  Now is definitely the time to check all the smoke detectors in your home and replace any batteries if needed.  Please don’t leave a portable heater or fireplace unattended.

Check your lights.  When you unwind your strands of lights this year check for worn or broken cords, and loose bulb connections.  Rule of thumb: don’t connect more than 3 strands of mini-light sets.

We want you and your family to have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!  For more safety tips, visit the American Red Cross website.  

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