Choosing Your Upgrades

dreaming of a home

Building a new home comes with lots of options and upgrades, but that’s one of the good things about building a Lockridge home!

When I think of building a new home, the first thing that comes to mind is a big, stainless steel, double glass door, commercial-style refrigerator that could hold enough supplies for three holiday dinners! You’ve got your own vision.  Maybe it’s a really amazing family room with vaulted ceilings and a stone fireplace, or perhaps it’s a master bedroom sanctuary, completely isolated from the bustle of the rest of the house.

What’s great about building your own home is your ultimate vision can be almost limitless, but your budget probably isn’t.

Here are some tips on spending wisely on your upgrades and options:

Kitchen Cabinets   Your kitchen is where you and your family spend lots of time.  It’s where you build memories and you’ll want it to be functional, durable, and a space you really enjoy. Upgrading from the standard cabinets gives you better construction and longer lasting finishes. You’ll also have more styles and colors to choose from.  Spend a little extra for the extra-tall upper cabinets and you’ll get more storage space, which is always a bonus!

Upgrade Flooring   The higher the grade of carpet, the better it will stand up to traffic and maintain its good condition. You’ll also have a wider choice of styles and colors. Upgrading your carpet pad is a great idea too!  Standard pads provide minimal cushioning, while better pads increase the life of your carpet and provide more cushioning.

Wood flooring is a great choice. It adds warmth, goes with any décor, and cuts down on household allergens. Install it where everyone can appreciate it — living room, great room, and your kitchen. Oak flooring is a wonderful option that will always look good and tends to cost less than more exotic woods.

Ceiling Fans   Ceiling Fans are a smart, low-cost upgrade that add energy-saving comfort. They’ll help keep your home cool so you don’t have to use your air conditioning as much.  Each ceiling fan can save you as much as $165 in energy costs over the life of the fan. They’re great in bedrooms and family rooms, anywhere you want to put them.

The Upgrade You Want  You’re building your new home from the ground up, so what upgrade would make your new home really yours?  Now that’s a great investment!

Lockridge is an on-your-own-land new home builder in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. (see all our Model Home Centers). We offer a full service website that allows you to choose floor plans, get complete price quotes, get prequalified for a mortgage, and more. For more information visit our website or email us.

Summer Building Season

The summer home building season is here!

You’ve been waiting all winter to start building your new Lockridge Home, in fact you can already picture yourself sitting on the front porch gazing out over your acres of land.  You’re ready to get started, you know which floor plan is perfect for you and your family, now what are the next steps to making it happen?

Land Survey  If your land hasn’t already been professionally surveyed, this is a very important step.  The survey will show you and your Lockridge builder the details of your property including setbacks, easements, wetlands, floodplains, boundaries, size and more important information about your land.  Let’s say you choose a home design that’s 72 feet wide, but your survey shows, that because of required easements, there’s only 70 feet of building space. You’ll need to look at another floor plan or maybe you and the builder can discuss another position of the house on your property.

Soil Test  It’s not glamorous, but it’s important!  Does your land have access to public water and sewer?  If not, you’ll need to get your soil tested for a private septic system and well.  Normally, the local County Department of Environmental Health issues the permit for a septic system and provides a list of approved soil testers, ( also known as a perc test).  It’s better to have this done before you fall in love with a floor plan because the results of your soil test determine the size and type of septic system you can install on your land.  This also determines how many bedrooms you can have in your home.  It’s better to know that your land “percs” for a 3 bedroom home before you get your heart set on a 4 bedroom design.

Budget  Having a homebuilding budget established early makes the homebuilding process a lot easier, and it sets your expectations before you launch into a floor plan search!  Knowing your price range allows you to look at all the home designs that fit your style and budget perfectly.

Lockridge makes it easy for you take these steps toward building your new home.  We give you the tools, links and information you need in your personal Lockridge Account!

Lockridge is an on-your-own-land new home builder in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. (see all our Model Home Centers).  We offer a full service website that allows you to choose floor plans, get complete price quotes, get prequalified for a mortgage, and more. For more information visit our website or email us.


Benefits of Building a New Lockridge Home

For most people there comes a point in life when you have to decide if it’s better to rent or buy your home. We have some simple tips below to help you figure out which option, renting or buying, best fits your specific lifestyle, wants and needs.

Advantages of Owning a New Home

Equity – Every time you make a rent payment, it goes to your landlord. When you buy a new home, every time you make a payment toward your mortgage, you build equity. That means if you ever decide to sell your home, the more money you’ve paid off of your loan, the more money from the sale you get to keep. Also when you rent, you may end up owing money when you decide to leave the rental property if the landlord charges damage or cleaning fees! It’s better to pay yourself rather than your landlord.

Price Stability – Rent costs rise steadily every year by approximately 5%, meaning whatever you pay this year to rent, it will be 25% higher to rent in five years, 50% more in 10 years, and on and on. When you buy a new home, your mortgage payment will stay fairly the same for the entire term of loan. Whether it’s a 15 or 30 year mortgage, you know you’re going to pay the same as you do now – two or more decades down the road. That’s security! The New York Times offers a free calculator that shows estimated payments and interest and how long it will take for buying to cost less than renting.

Aesthetic Control – From the paint colors on the walls to the tile in your bathrooms, renting gives you very little say in how your home looks. You have to live with someone else’s design choices. When you build a new home, you get exactly what you want – and can change it up whenever you want, it’s your home ! Landlords generally expect their property to look exactly the same the day you move out, as the day you moved in – no improvements allowed.

Tax Benefits – There are tax benefits of home ownership! There are deductions for interest or property tax. You can’t deduct rent payments from income tax, only the landlord gets a tax deduction.

These are just some of the advantages of owning a new Lockridge home, not to mention pride of home ownership, putting down roots and having a place to call your own. At Lockridge we let you pick options for any, or as many, of our floor plans as your want. Then you can review a complete line-by-line price quote for the construction of your new home, including site work. We give you an estimated monthly mortgage payment based on 100% financing and the day’s current interest rate. Everything is on-line, for free, with no obligations. Visit our website and explore the dream of owning your own new home!

Lockridge is a custom home builder in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Indiana (see all our Model Home Centers). We offer a full service website that allows you to choose floor plans, customize them, get prequalified for a mortgage, and more. For more information visit our website or call us at 877-852-8453.